About Patsy

I have been passionate about photography since I was a small child, my little brownie camera always at my side.

During my parenting years, I took pictures for various association publications and several St. Louis magazines and newspapers. As an active member of the St. Louis photographic community, I was a member of Professional Photographers of America [PPA] and the American Society of Magazine Photographers [ASMP.] Training through PPA classes along with countless other workshops with notable photographic artists has helped me to continue to refine my technique and creative aesthetic. My most profound influences have been Sherman Hines of Canada, Les Line of Audubon Society Magazine, and most especially the late Ernst Haas of Austria, New York, and Japan, who is considered to be the "Father of Color Photography."

After raising my three sons and then working long hours as an event planner, I was fortunate enough to move to Florida. I adore Florida for the many sea and wading birds, abundant tropical plants and flowers, incredible fluffy clouds, and being surrounded by water everywhere. This is a photographer's paradise, and I love it!

Now, semi-retired from the events business, I have more time to make pictures and work on growing from a black and white darkroom photographer to a digital nature photographer. I am very much enjoying the process of mastering the necessary skills for sharing the amazing joy of nature that I am lucky enough to witness here. My opportunities to travel to amazing places have been the icing on the cake. I am living my dream.

This website is intended for those very appreciated family, friends, neighbors, and clients who have asked to see more of my work.

"WE ARE PHOTOGRAPHERS.  We are not here to show people what they can already see.  We are here to give them experiences they would otherwise never have experienced.  We are here to preserve moments that otherwise would have been forgotten.  We are here to capture things which have no words to describe."

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